My name is Gretchen Newsom and I am a community and labor advocate.

As a CDP delegate, I will work tirelessly to strengthen civic engagement and voter registration, particularly with younger generations.

My experience and skills are diverse and emphasize the importance of getting involved and striving to make a difference in one’s community. As a community leader in Ocean Beach, I work toward preserving and improving community resources, advocating for a sustainable local economy, enhancing community dialogue and civic engagement, and maintaining our unique “vibe.”

I am a member of Run Women Run and Secretary of the Point Loma Democratic Club. I am also the Political Director for IBEW Local 569 the electricians’ union – where I organize efforts to invest in good-paying, green-collar jobs and alternative energy.

I previously worked for former CDP Chairman Phil Angelides in a variety of roles for 8+ years, including Special Assistant at the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, a partnership with Magic Johnson and Canyon Partners on the creation of affordable rental housing, and as a Deputy Policy Director on his gubernatorial campaign in 2006.

I would be honored to have your vote.

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