I am the son of Italian immigrants who came to America when there was a strong middle class. We benefited from my father’s union and a company that understood a job was a career. Now, my family benefits from my wife’s public school union but corporations have no loyalty and the middle class is disappearing.

I have been a community leader for nearly 15 years and a tireless advocate for neighborhoods at city hall.

I campaigned for David Alvarez, Sarah Boot, and Carol Kim in 2014.

I collaborate with local social advocacy groups, doing my part to achieve their goals through my leadership–chairing the citizen’s city-wide Community Planning Committee and advisory groups such as pedestrian safety, transit, Rose Canyon trail, PureWater, CDBG funding, and creating the first ever Neighborhood Input on Infrastructure.

I have supported the defense of and new initiatives in social equity, civil rights, the environment, and more.

Our progress can be undone too easily. And we have more work to do. Government is where we meet the needs of all while protecting the environment. We can do that with a collaborative Party, strategic advocacy, and getting out the vote.

I ask for your support.


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