My name is Nancy Casady and I am the General Manager of the Ocean Beach People’s Food Co-op.

My current focus is on climate change activism. My husband, Derek, and I are working to organize a series of San Diego marches with a goal of getting 30,000 people in the street to demand President Obama declare a climate crisis and mobilize the country to shift the economy from fossil fuels to sustainable energy and create millions of jobs. Such a plan has been developed by the director of the Stanford Energy Program.

I am seeking to become a delegate to the 2015 State Convention because of my experience as a lobbyist for the California Abortion Rights Action League, as a current Governor Brown appointee to the California Food and Agriculture Board and as Treasurer of the La Jolla Democratic club.

I am a longtime San Diego Go Team precinct walker. I believe this experience qualifies me to understand and deal with the many issues that come before the convention. I respectfully request your vote and thank you for all you do to keep the Democratic party strong.

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