When Obama took the stage prior to the 2008 presidential election, I noticed a man with incredible integrity and admirable values. This man inspired me. Our value systems are synchronized exactly. I am honored to have President Obama as my president. His presidency has inspired me to care even more about the Democratic values that I already had. I have become involved with promoting the Democratic Party platform, which are in line with the values that he and I share, ever since he took the stage.

In 2008, I got involved with Obama for America (OFA) and canvassed heavily for the President’s election locally and in neighboring states. Once in office, I became a neighborhood team leader for OFA and we worked hard to push forward the President’s agenda. I participated in rallies on the downtown streets of San Diego in support of issues like, Health Care Reform and Climate Change.

In 2010, I organized and held phone banks at my home for Health Care Reform support before and after the ACA law was passed.

When Obama’s re-election campaign got underway in 2012, I was asked to be a Staging Location Director for OFA (now Organizing for America) at one of 5 staging locations in San Diego.

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